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Working group “Bologna process: joint degrees”

НазваниеWorking group “Bologna process: joint degrees”
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Working group

Bologna process: joint degrees”

Summer School – 2009

Ostrikova Daria

Topic: “Go ahead with your carrier, if you know how: business schools of Europe and USA. Joint degrees.”

Problems and goals.

Surely those who live in Russia have more urgent problems to deal with than thinking about

business education. Young, ambitious students, who are looking forward do apply their energy in corporate world, who are willing to gain experience and (sometimes) dare to dream about first salaries, that they would earn for the excellent-done (!) work, rarely make long-term strategies on education. Unless they face the phenomena of so-called “glass ceiling” in job-promotion or in some other way understand the necessity of further development, that can not always be accomplished by on-the-job training.

Traditionally, the word combination “business-school” is treated with great respect and acknowledged as some new top-technology in advanced education, but, unfortunately, the whole concept, the offered programs, advantages of getting MBA-education and how it influences carrier remain hidden under the dark veil. The aim of this paper is to highlight the main directions of business-education, to get some insight into programs of European and American schools and to focus on the potential benefits, which gain the alumni.

Plan of research.

  1. MBA-education and what it offers for people who are eager to conquer new heights.

  2. Full-time MBA and MBA-Executive: which program to choose.

  3. Costs of education and potential future gains.

  4. The comparative analysis of business schools from the top-lists, presented by,,

  5. The development of MBA-education in Russia (one of the examples – the CEO of “Troika-Dialog” Ruben Vardanian and his business school “Skolkovo”)

Potential sources of information.

    1. Internet-sites of business schools.

    2. Russian business press. (journals “Dengi”, “Kommersant” etc.)

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