Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку \"St. Valentines Day\" (11 Класс) icon

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "St. Valentines Day" (11 Класс)

НазваниеСценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "St. Valentines Day" (11 Класс)
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внеклассного мероприятия
по английскому языку
“St . Valentines Day”
(11 Класс)

Цели и задачи:

1)Повторить и активизировать лексику,изученную в средней школе ,а так же по теме ,,Праздники Великобритании”.

2)Углубить и расширить лингвострановедческие знания учащихся , которые послужат основой для дальнейшего изучения языка в высшей школе.

3)Ознакомить с новой информацией о праздновании Дня Святого Валентина и традициях его празднования .

4)Способствовать поддержанию интереса к дальнейшему изучению иностранного языка и англоязычной культуры ,а так же углублению и совершенствованию знаний английского языка .

План :

1.The history of St . Valentine’s Day .

2.Say it with a card.

3.The language of fans.

4.Language of the lovers.

5. Valentines facts and superstitions.

6 .Symbols of Valentines day .

7.Love poetry .

8. St . Valentine’s recipes.

9.A fairy tail “The Princes and The Four Gifts“.

10.A game – “Find your 2-nd half”.

1.The history of St .Valentines Day.
The teacher asks pupils tell about the history of the holiday.
P1.St. Valentines Day is celebrated in Europe &North America on February ,14-th.
It is customary on this day to send valentines cards bearing an affectionate message to someone you admire.
You are not supposed to sign your name ,& part of the fair is trying to guess who has sent the card. It’s particularly young people who look forward to Valentine’s Day, hoping to receive a lot of cards. This custom is associated with Saint Valentine.
P2: But in the Middle ages it was also the day when birds were thought to pair off. Evidently it was considered a good idea for humans to select their mates on the same day . In modern times Valentine’ Day is big business . There must be many manufactures of cards & gifts who are grateful that the old custom is continued.

Say it with a card
The teacher asks the pupils to say some words about Valentine Day cards & show the cards they have prepared.

P1.Valentine greetings were popular in the middle Ages, when lovers spoke or sang their valentines .Written valentines appeared after 1400.The eldest in existence was made in the 1400’s and the British Museum . Paper valentines were exchanged in Europe and given in place of valentines gifts . They were especially popular in England . Early valentines were made by hand and were made with colored paper, watercolors and colored inks .
P2.In early 1900’s card company named Norcross began to manufacture valentines .Norcross eventually became the card company we all know Hallmark . Each year Hallmark displays its collection of rare and antique valentines at card shops around the country.
Museums and Libraries also offer antique valentines exhibitions around St . Valentines Day . The first commercial valentines greeting cards produced in the U.S were created in the 1840’s by Easter A. Howland .

P3. Such cards may have standard wording , such as ,,To someone I am fond of ‘’ , or contain a simple rhyme ,such as ,,Come rain , come shine ,You’ll be mine ’’ But many people like to send Valentine cards with comical or witty words. For example on the front of the card are words ,,I hate you…’’ and on the on the rest of the sentence: ,,Being so far away when I want to be near you !’’ Another card will start ,in large letters ,,LOTS ‘N’ LOTS ‘N’ LOTS ….’’and inside will be ,,…OF LOVE FROM ME TO YOU!’’

Then pupils show their cards & read the greetings :
P4 : You’re the Queen of my heart!
P5: Could search & search &never find a better Valentine than me !
P6 : A humble present from a secret lover !
P7 : A just write to say :,,I love you !‘’
P8 : You are a sacred mystery of my heart ! Guess who I am !

The language of fans .

The children tell about the fans language which was used among the society women .
They show secret signals with their fans .

P1: Fans were essential items for any woman of fashion in the 18th and 19th centuries , but their true fascination lay in the way they could be used to send romantic messages .

P2: In the 18th century complex fan games were devised in England to spell out messages letter by letter .

In the 19th century , a simpler scheme in which whole phrases (usually romantic) could be conveyed with a single gesture was devised in Spain.

P3:This signal (gesture) meant: “I want to know you”.

P4:This gesture meant:”I’m sorry”.

P5:this signal meant:”Not Now, Tomorrow, Same place, Same time”…etc.

They show secret signals with their fans .

Language of flowers

The main symbol of St . Valentines day is … rose .

The teacher suggest pupils to say about this flower , it’s meanings , about the language of flowers .

P1: Roses :

What says I love you better than a rose ?

For hundreds of years poets and scholars have been able to describe the rose only in superlatives . Roses symbolize both peace and war , love and forgiveness .

P3.Ninteenth-centure gentlemen developed a great enthusiasm for using flowers to send romantic messages . Dictionaries listed the meaning of flowers : an azalea indicated temperance and ivy leaves meant friendship .The cult of the language of flowers flourished in Europe from about 1810. It was promoted by publishers ,for whom it meant good business , but at length the craze fell out of fashion .

P2: Rose meanings : This widely depends on culture , but first let us to see the formal meanings in English speaking cultures . Each of these meanings is still used in society today , so they are still valid .

1.White roses are for true love .

2. Red roses are for passion .

3.Yellow roses are for friendship .

4.Black roses mean farewell .

Modern meanings :

1.Red roses mean love

2.Yellow roses mean friendship .

3. Pink roses mean friendship or sweetheart.

4. White roses mean purity of the mind.

5.Black roses mean hate and death.


Valentine Facts

& Superstitions

The Valentine Facts

& Superstitions e teacher asks the pupils to tell about some them:

P1: In the Middle Ages ,young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines could be .They would wear their sleeves for one week .To wear your heart on yourself now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling .

P2 : In some countries ,a young woman may receive a gift of clothing from a young man .If she keeps the gift ,it means she will marry him .

P3: In Wales wooden love spoons were craved and given as gifts on February 14th .

Hearts ,keys and keyholes were favorite decorations on the spoons . The decoration meant ,,You unlock my heart !’’

P4:Many people give candy to their sweethearts on Valentines Day .Candy is sweet and so are sweethearts . In North

America and Europe , chocolates are sold in fancy boxes have flowers and ribbons on them .

P5: Some people used to believe that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentines Day ,it meant she would marry a sailor .If she saw a sparrow , she would marry a poor man and be very happy .If she saw a goldfish ,she would marry a millionaire.

P6: Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry . As you twist the stem of an apple , recite names until the stem comes off . You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off .

P7: If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside ,you will also know how many children you will have .

T.- Well , people always wanted to be happy & to be lucky in love .That is why they believed in many things which we call superstitions …

And now we’ll speak about the symbol of St. Valentine’s Day .



Of St . Valentine’s Day


P1 : Cupid has always played a role in the celebrations of love and lovers . He is known as mischievous ,winged child , whose arrows who would pierce the hearts of his victims causing them to fall deeply in love . In ancient Greece he was known as Eros .

P2 : Heart

Emotions are feelings such as love , happiness , anger , or fear . A long time ago , people believed that all the emotions were found in the hear .In later years ,they thought only the emotion of the love was connected with the heart . The heart is still a symbol of the love , and because of this , is also a symbol of Valentine’s Day.

P3 : Red Rose

The rose was the favorite flower of Venus ,the Roman goddess of love .Red is a color that stands for strong feelings .This is why the red rose is a flower of love .

P4 : Ribbons

Ribbons go back to the days when ladies gave ribbons to their favorite knights when they went to the war .


P5: Years ago , when a man proposed marriage to woman , he ,, asked for her hand ‘’ The hand become a symbol of marriage and love . Soon gloves also became a symbol of love .


P6: In some countries , men and women exchanged rings when they became engaged or marry .Two or three hundred years ago ,Valentine’s Day was a popular day for giving engagement ring .An engagement ring usually had a stone or jewel set in it . Diamonds are common in today‘s engagement rings .


The pupils have learnt some poems about ,& the teacher suggests to recite them .

P1: William Black

Never seek to tell thy love

Never seek to tell thy love

Love that never told can be ;

For the gentle wind does move Silently ,invisibly .

I told my love , I told my love ,

I told her all my heart ,

Trembling ,cold, in ghastly fears

Ah ,she doth depart

Soon as she was gone from me

A traveler came by

Silently , invisibly –

O , was no deny .

P2: C . Day Lewis


Come live with me and my love

And we will all the pleasures prove

Of peace and plenty ,bed and board,

That chance employment can afford .

I’ll handle dainties on the docks

And thou shalt read of summer frocks :

At evening by the sour canals

We’ll hope to hear some madrigals

Care on the maiden brow shall put

A wreath of wrinkles , and thy foot

Be shod with pain : not silken dress

But toil shall tire thy loveliness .

Hunger shall make thy modest zone

And cheat fond death of all but bone –

If these delights thy mind may move ,

Then live with me and by my love .

P3: Ben Jonson

To Celia

Drink to me only with thine eyes ,

And I will pledge with mine ;

Or leave a kiss but in the cup

And I’ll not look for wine

The first that from the soul doth rise

Don’t ask a drink divine ;

But might I of Jove’s nectar sup ,

I would not change for thine .

I sent tree late a rosy wreath ,

Not so much honoring tree

As giving it a hope that there

It couldn’t withered be ;

But thou thereon didst only breathe ,

And sent’st it back to me ;

Since when it grows ,and smells ,I swear,

Not of itself but tree!


The Revelation

An idle poet ,here and there ,

Looks around him ; but ,for all the rest,

The world ,unfathomably fair ,

Is duller than a witling’s jest .

Love wakes men, once a lifetime each;

They lift their heavy lids , and look ;

And ,lo, what one sweet page can teach ,

They read with joy , then shut the book .

And some give thanks , and some blaspheme

And most forget ; but; either way ,

That and the Child’s unheeded dream

Is all the light of all their day.

P5 : Robert Frost

To Earthward

Love at lips was touch

As sweet as I could bear;

And once that seemed too much;

I lived on air

That crossed me from sweet things ,

The flow of – was it musk

From hidden grapevine springs

Down hill at dusk?


T: There are some recipes with the help of which special dish are made for St . Valentine’s day .Some recipes help us to make Valentines Presents , sweet & pleasant . Here some of them:

P1:Valentine Placemats

Gather up Valentines Cards from past years.

Glue onto light cardboard or construction

paper in decorative fashion the size of a placemat. Cover this collage with clear contact paper to seal the placemat .Be sure to have your child date and sign it .These make great gifts for grandparents .

P2: Play Dough

1 cup flour

1 cup warm water

2 teaspoons cream of tartar

1 teaspoon oil

ј cup of salt

Food coloring

Mix all ingredients, adding food coloring last . Stir over medium heat until smooth. Remove from pan and knead until blended smooth . Place in plastic bag or airtight container when cooled . Will last for a long time.

Play dough is used for Valentine’s decorations.


No baking and simple for kids ! Mix ѕ-1 cup applesauce with one 4.12 –oz . bottle

ground cinnamon to form stiff dough .

Roll out to ј-inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutter (heart shape of course ) . Make hole for ribbon .

Carefully put on rack to dry . Let air dry several days ,turning occasionally . Makes 12sweet –smelling ornaments .

P4: Gelatin Hearts

1/2 cup of water or fruit juice

4packages of strawberry, raspberry or cherrу gelatin

Combine water and gelatin in 2-quart glass measure and heat on high power in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes or until the water is boiling. Stir until gelatin is dissolved. Pour into heart shaped molds, or pour in a 9 or 10 inch square pan and refrigerate until gelatin is set. Unmold heart shapes or use a small heart shaped cookies cutter to cut out hearts.

A fairy tale




Her Cousin



Prince of Spades

Prince of Clubs

Prince of Hearts

Prince of Diamonds


Story-teller: Once upon a time, in a far country, there lived a king whose daughter was the prettiest princess in the world. Her eyes were like water in a deep lake, her hair was softer then silk, and her skin was whiter then snow. Since childhood the princess had been surrounded only by the things of beauty.

One day the king decided to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to one of the princes of the four neighboring kingdoms. He sent a message there. The message said: “My daughter will marry the prince who brings the gift she likes the most.” (A room in the King’s palace. King, Princess and Cousin are sitting at one end of a long table.)

Princess(to cousin): What do you think of it, dear?
Cousin: If you ask me, I think that a gift is not everything. If you really want to choose a good man, watch his manners and how he expresses his feelings.
Princess: Oh, you’re wise.
(Enter Herald)
Herald: The Prince of Spades.
(Enter the Prince of Spades with a sword and a massive alarm clock under his arm. He bows, comes up to the table and stands at attention.)
Prince of Spades: Oh, most beautiful princess! I’ve won many battles and I’ve come here to fight for you. Let me offer you my heart and sword and also this alarm clock as gift of my love. Whenever you’re in danger, only press this button here, and my soldiers will come to help you. (He clicks his heels, salutes with his sword and leaves)
Princess: Oh, father, I’m afraid of this man. He spoke of battles and dangers and fighting!
King: Come, child, there is no danger. The prince is a brave man, the commander of a big army. You’ll be very safe with him.
Cousin ( with a shrug): It’s funny but you won’t use it, I’m afraid, because it is made of plastic and metal.

Princess: I see, I see.
Herald: The Prince of Clubs.
(Enter the Prince of Clubs, an absent-minded looking man wearing spectacles, dressed a bit out of date, with a thick old book. He bows clumsily, puts the book on the table, fumbles in his pockets, produces a scroll of paper and begins to read.)
Prince of clubs: My dearest and beloved lady! I can address you only in verse!
My love is strengthened though more weak in seeming
I love not less, though less the show appear
That love is merchandised whose rich esteeming
The owner’s tongue doth publish everywhere.
And here is the ancient Book of Wisdom, my humble present.( Bows low and leaves)
Princess: What a strange man! But he is so polite, and I like his poem. He must be a great poet.
Cousin: Not he! Shakespeare is!
Princess: Oh!
King: Yes, the prince is a very learned man. With him you’ll know everything.

Princess: Do you think, father, that to know everything is necessary for wives?
Herald: The Prince of Diamonds.
(Enter the Prince of Diamonds, an elegant man, exquisitely dressed, very businesslike and self-assured, with a huge golden box in his hands. He comes straight to the far end of the table and nods slightly.)
Prince of Diamonds: How do you do ladies and gentlemen. I’ve come here to tell you, Sire(to King), that I agree to marry that charming daughter of yours.(To Princess) Here is the gift you asked for.(Puts the box in front of her) It’s for keeping things in. Very useful. Pure gold. Made in my kingdom. High quality. No doubt, you’ll like it. As for the details, we’ll discuss financial questions with your father. See you soon. (Bows to King, blows a kiss to Princess and leaves).
Cousin: That’s fantastic!
Princess: Yes, it’s a wonderful box!
Cousin: No, I mean his manners. Of course, you cannot expect much here. He is too rich.
King: Right. The richest in the world. With him you’ll have anything you like.
Princess: Do you really think so, father?
King: Yes, my dear.
Herald: The Prince of Hearts.
(Enter the Prince of Hearts, a man poorly dressed, a guitar on his back and a bunch of field flowers in his hand. He puts the flowers on the table, bows low and falls on one knee).
Prince of Hearts: Oh, heavenly lady, the princess of my dreams!(sings)
The skies so blue may soon turn grey,
And rose in bloom decays next day.
But love of mine will never fade
For you will shine my prettiest maid.
Princess: What lovely flowers? I’ve never seen anything like them here in the palace.

King: Of course not, because they grow only in the fields. Poor boy! Once his father was rich and there were gold mines in his lands. Now there is nothing left there except flowers. Such a pity. No more precious stones, no gold.
Cousin: But he’s got a heart of gold!
Princess (pensively): And what shall I do with this gift? Gold lasts forever.
Cousin: His love does. And his gift shows the depth of his feelings. Just take it as a sign of his love.
Princess: do you think it’s enough?
King (getting to his feet to Herald): Herald, tell the princes to wait for my daughter’s decision. (Herald leaves).
Princess (to her cousin): First, I’d like to here what you think.
Cousin: I think the Prince of hearts is the best choice. He is so gentle and handsome and his manners are noble. Life in his beautiful kingdom could be very romantic. If I were you…
Princess (interrupting her): Fortunately, you are not. If you want always to diet, I’ll try to persuade the Prince of Hearts to marry you.
King: Oh, dear…
Princess: As for me, I’m not so silly to live in poverty, without all the beautiful things I am used to. I’ve chosen this. (She stands up and takes the golden box from the table.) It is a very large and expensive box, and when I’m married, I’ll get many gifts-rings, bracelets, precious stones-to fill it to the top. So it is the most useful present and I like it the best.
: If you think that was a happy end, you make a mistake. The king’s daughter married the Prince of Diamonds but her husband turned out to be a gambler. By and by he lost all his money, his kingdom was ruined and they ended their days in poverty. The cousin married the Prince of Hearts and went to live with him. And it so happened that soon much gold was found in the mines in his kingdom. The Prince of Hearts built a comfortable palace where they lived happily ever after. And here ends the story of the princess and four gifts.

Find your second half

Two envelopes with the broken hearts are prepared. One-for boys, the other- for girls. The task is to find the second half of your heart. The teacher ask the students to search for the second part of the heart. With the sound of romantic music they begin searching for their hearts. At the end of the lesson it may be a short tea-party.


Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку \"St. Valentines Day\" (11 Класс) iconСценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку “St. Valentines Day” (11 Класс)
Повторить и активизировать лексику,изученную в средней школе,а так же по теме,,Праздники Великобритании
Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку \"St. Valentines Day\" (11 Класс) iconСценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "St. Valentines Day" (11 Класс)
Повторить и активизировать лексику,изученную в средней школе,а так же по теме,,Праздники Великобритании”
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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку \"St. Valentines Day\" (11 Класс) iconСценарий внеклассного мероприятия
Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку \"St. Valentines Day\" (11 Класс) iconSt. Valentines day

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