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British traditional holidays

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British traditional holidays

«British traditional holidays» I Great Britain is famous for its old traditions. Some of them existedin ancient times and survived through centuries. Some of them appeared whenChristianity came to British isles. Speaking about religious holidays onecan’t but mention Easter, Pancake Day and Mother’s Day. The dates of theseholidays aren’t strict, they depend on the date of Easter, that variesevery year. Pancake day is the popular name for the Shrove Tuesday, the daybefore the first day of Lent. In the middle ages people on that day mademerry and ate pancakes. The ingredients of pancakes are all forbidden byChurch during Lent, that is why they have to be used the day before. Themost common form of celebrating this day in the old times was the all townball game or tug-of-war, in which everyone was tearing here and there,trying to get the ball or rope into their part of the city. Today the onlycustom, that is observed throughout Britain is pancake eating. For the English people the best-known name for the fourth in LentSunday is Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day. For 3 centuries this day hasbeen a day of small family gatherings when absent sons and daughters returnto their homes. Gifts are made to mothers by children of all ages. Flowersand cakes are still traditional gifts. Violets and primroses are mostpopular flowers. Sometimes the whole family goes to church and then thereis a special dinner at which roast lamb, rice-pudding and home-made winesand served. Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christianity. InEngland it’s a time for giving and receiving presents, mostly Easter eggs.We can say that the egg is the most popular emblem of Easter, but spring-time flowers are also used to stress the nature’s awakening. Nowadays thereare a lot of chocolate Easter eggs, having some small gifts inside. But areal hard-boiled egg, decorated and painted in bright colours , stillappears on breakfast tables on Ester Day, or it’s hidden in the house orgarden for children to finny. In egg that is boiled really hard will lastfor years. Egg-rolling is a traditional Easter pastime. You roll the eggsdown a clope until they are cracked and broken, after they are eaten up.


British traditional holidays icon«British traditional holidays»

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