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Prepositions and conjunctions
Object is a secondary part of the sentence expressed by a verb, a noun, a substantival pronoun, an adjective, a numeral, or an adverb, and denoting a thing to which the action passes on,
33. Adverb The adverb is one of the parts of speech established in antiquity. In the grammar of English and other Indo-European languages, the adverb is a word denoting a non-substantive property,
The Adverbial Modifier
The problem of the attribute
Б. 1вопр The general characteristics of sentence
14. Morphemic structure of the word
Б. 2вопр Parts of speech
Classification of sentences
Б вопр Noun as a part of speech
Simple sentence
The category of case

16. Complex Sentences
Complex sentence
Article is a determining unit of a specific nature accompanying the noun in communicative collocation
29. Compound sentence
11. The Main and Secondary Parts of a Sentence
Syntactical functions
General characteristics of a verb
32. Functional Sentence Perspective. (= Ads)
Category of Tense
Difference between correlation and correctivity
11. The Main and Secondary Parts of a Sentence

Complex sentence.

In syntax, a sentence with an independent clause and at least one dependent clause (subordinating clause) is referred to as a complex sentence. The dependent clause is often introduced by a subordinate conjunction such as "which", "while" or "because".Similar to a compound sentence, Two dependent clauses and one independent, a complex sentence with a sub-clause functioning as a subject. A clefted complex sentence with a sub-clause indicating what the dummy pronoun "It" refers to. A complex sentence with a sub-clause functioning as subject complement. "Be" is a copula verb; it links the sub-clause to the subject. I ate the meal is an independent clause and which you cooked is relative clause. A sentence with a relative clause, a clause that has no function but describes its noun phrase, does not fufill the dependent clause requirement of a complex sentence. A sentence is complex only when it contains a subordinate clause which fulfills a syntactic function within the sentence. This is a complex-compound sentence with two independent clauses.


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Шахматов Предложение это комбинация представлений в процессе мышления.). S. Curme (an Eng scholar): a sentence is an expression of...
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