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1. /American local dialects..docx
2. /American pronunciation standard..docx
3. /Assimilation..docx
4. /Comparison of English and Russian vowels..docx
5. /Comparison of logical and emphatic word stress..docx
6. /English Intonation. It's functions..docx
7. /Local dialects of English in Britain..docx
8. /Means of emphasis of intonation in English speech..docx
9. /Melody.docx
11. /Phonetics, its nature and use..docx
12. /Phonetics, its ties with other brunches of linguistics.docx
13. /Reduction..docx
14. /Regional variants of received pron.docx
15. /Rhythm in English..docx
16. /Sentence stress in English..docx
17. /Styles of English pronunciation.docx
18. /Tempo and Timbre in English..docx
19. /The classification of the English consonants..docx
20. /The classification of the English vowels..docx
21. /The materialistic teaching of the phoneme.docx
22. /The pheory of the phoneme in foreign phonological school.docx
23. /The problem of the phoneme it's general characterisies.docx
24. /The theory of the phoneme in its historical development.docx
25. /Word Stress tendencies.docx
26. /Word stress..docx
[o:] hot dog
America was discovered in 1492 but was populated by Europeans much later. The first immigrants came to America in the 17
By assimilation we understand a process of altoration of speech sounds as a result of which one of the sounds becomes fully or particilly similar to the esjoining sound. Types of assimilation are the following: 1
At least in some words. E. g diphthong [ou]
Different elements of our communication may be emphasis by specific types of stressing: by the so-called logical stress and emphatic
There are no languages which are spoken without any change of prosodic parameters but intonation functions in various languages in a different way
1 Dialects of Scotland
In our linguistic school of today intonation is understood and defined as a unity of
The falling tone expresses finality. It is definite and categorical in nature
2. Two-syllable words
Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of human speech. Phonetics was studied as early as 2500 B. C. in ancient India
Phonetics is connected with grammar, lexicology, stylistics and the history of the language
It is a historical process of weaking shortening and disappearance of vowel sounds in unstressed position
And early 18
E. g. ‘John ‘went to ‘london
E. g if we take a sentence "The bird is in the cage"
Within a certain national standard of pronunciation there may be different styles of pronunciation
Timbre is a special colouring of the voice in the pronouncing sentence which shows the speakers attitude and emotional to the object of speech
Others are unvoiced
2 tongue position; : 1 front; 2 front-retracted; 3
Teor fonetika-1677
Theory of the phoneme in foreign phonological school The main points points of trubetchkoy's theory
Speach sounds and phonems general characteristics and the definition of the phonem
The scientist posed a question
* the recessive tendency
In natural world any word is stressed and by stress different syllables in words differ. Stressed syllables are more distinct. Stress is defined as a special prominence (выделение) given to a syllable in a word

American English shows a lesser degree of dialect than British due to some historical factors: the existence of standard English when first English settlers came to America, the high mobility of population, internal migrations of dofferent communities. So there are 3 types of amer language:

1. the eastern type (is spoken in the states along the Isles Atlantic coast. The consonant system is the same as British English. About the vowels: they pronounce not [o:] but [a:], instead short [o] -> [o:] hot dog )

2. The southern type (used in south and south-east of usa, it possesses a striking distinctive feature – vowel drawl. It is the most demaged corrupted English. It has a number of peculiarities in vowels:

[i] ->[i ə]

[æ] -> [æ ə]

[e] -> [e ə]

[/\] -> [ə/\]

Second peculiarity:

1) instead of [a:] -> [o:] art, party

2) [au] -> [əu] sit down

3) [ai ə] -> [a:] tired

4) [e] -> [i] get

5) [i] -> [e] spirit)

3. general American.(is spoken in atlantic states: new york, new jersey y etc., it’s the pronunciation standard as its language is used by radio and tv.)

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