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I took a sip of cappuccino and relaxed in the first-class
■seat of the Eurostar train as it sped towards Paris.

0 ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------

When I had got home from work the night before I'd
found a note from Sandra on the kitchen table. It said that
she needed to get away for a few days and would come
back later in the week.


We had been having a few problems recently, and I had
to admit that our relationship had got a bit boring since our
youngest daughter had left for university.

After re-reading Sandra's note, it suddenly occurred to
that the following day would be exactly 25 years since
Sandra and I first met in Paris. We had always celebrated
this date together, but this time she had obviously decided
to spend it away from me.

2 -------------------------------------

I decided to catch the first Eurostar train the next morning.

Soon after the train arrived at the Gare du Nord in Paris,
unsure of where I was going, I bought a ticket and went
straight down to the Metro. As the train rushed through the
black tunnel, I found my mind going back to that day, 25
years before.


I'd only been there a few minutes when a gorgeous
young lady came up and asked if she could join me. She had a thermos flask of coffee and a bag of fresh fruit.


Coming out of the Metro, I realized I was quite close to
the Tuileries so I decided to see if I could find our bench. 25


I paused at the gates of the gardens, wishing that Sandra was with me. I eventually went through the gates and walked along the path past the same green trees, statues and flowerbeds.


"May I join you?" it said. Startled; I turned around. In dis-
belief, I watched as my wife, holding a thermos flask of cof-
fee and a large bag of fruit, came round and sat next to me.
She looked wonderful. She'd had her hair done and was
wearing a floral print dress. "Sandra!" I exclaimed.

"I was hoping you'd come, Bill," she smiled.

A I'd been working in the Paris branch of a London based merchant bank.
I remember it was a beautiful spring day and I'd decided to spend my lunch break in the Tuileries gardens. I had bought a baguette and some cold meat and found myself a bench next to a pool.

^ В I wasn't really sure why I was on the train in the
first place. It certainly wasn't typical of me to drop
and run off to somewhere like Paris.
Actually, my wife Sandra keeps telling me I've
become boring in my old age. In fact, Sandra was
the reason why I was heading for the French

С When I arrived at the pool I saw that the bench
was still there. It was empty, so I went over and
sat down. I took the food out of the bag, tore off
a piece of the baguette and began to eat.
Suddenly I heard a woman's voice behind me.

^ D I couldn't really blame her. I'd been working such
long hours that we barely saw each other. When we did have some time together, I was usually so exhausted that I simply fell asleep in front of the TV. I suddenly felt I had to go to Paris on the anniversary of our first meeting. On my own, perhaps, I would be able to see things more clearly.

E She'd done the same thing several times during
our twenty-two years of marriage. When she got
fed up with things at home she would pack a bag and go, but she always came back when she was ready.

F I was so worried that I could hardly concentrate on
my driving. As I left the Centre of Paris I wondered if
I would ever go back there again.

G We sat on the bench, shared our lunch and chat-
for ages. Her name was Sandra and she was working in Paris as a nanny. We fell in love, and eventually married three years later in London.

H As it was nearly midday, I bought some lunch -
the same lunch I'd had 25 years before. Then I
headed for the gardens, making my way through the tourists who crowded the Rue de Rivoli.


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